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Start/Stop Service

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PUD 1 does not currently charge customers who request that their service be disconnected for maintenance or other work. We will send a serviceman to your property during normal business hours to shut off and reconnect your service up on request, provided that your service was not disconnected for non-payment.

To gain a better idea of how to begin, review this flow chart to see the process for setting up a new or altered service.

Our customer service and engineering departments will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you complete the required forms, which are listed in the Related Documents section.

Deposits and Fees

There may be a deposit required for new customers setting up service. Deposits are based on the two highest months of consumption in a 12 month period. Deposits can often be reduced or waived with a positive report from an in-house credit check. All required deposits MUST be paid prior to beginning service. Deposits are returned to the customer via credit on your bill after 12 consecutive months of on-time payments.

Landlords and Renters

Landlords must give permission for new renters to put service in the renters’ name(s). Please see For Landlords- Rental Service Agreement under the Related Documents section on the right for the required documentation. If landlords choose for the service to remain in their own name, the landlord is responsible for all charges related to the account and the District must follow the landlord-tenant laws (i.e. the District cannot disconnect service at a residence due to the renter’s failure to pay rent to the landlord). Please read this informational page for more details.