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Privacy & Deposit Policies

Deposit Policy:

PUD No. 1 usually requires a deposit to start a new account. Deposits are a minimum of $100 and are based on the two highest months of consumption in a 12 month period at that residence.


Two highest months’ bills in a 12 month period:
January:  $200.00 + February: $150.00 =  $350.00 deposit due

Deposits can often be reduced or waived with a positive report from an in-house credit check. The credit check is a “soft check” through the Online Utilities Exchange. The credit check gives our customer service representatives a Red, Yellow or Green signal. If we receive an adverse report and are unable to reduce or waive your deposit, a letter will soon follow explaining the report in detail.

The District no longer accepts letters of credit to waive or reduce deposits. All required deposits MUST be paid prior to beginning service. Deposits are returned to the customer via a credit on your bill after 12 consecutive months of on-time payments.

Privacy Policy:

For more information on how PUD 1 uses and protects customer information, please read here.