Budget Payment Plan

March is the best time to sign up for our Budget Billing Program!

To help our customers plan ahead for higher winter power bills, the District has a Budget Billing Program.

Utility customers may apply for the Budget Billing Program anytime throughout the year; however customers are strongly encouraged to apply in March. The program is designed to help customers develop a credit balance on their account to help cover the higher usage during the colder winter months. This program is intended to allow customers to pay the same amount each month of the year. This monthly amount will be billed each and every month regardless of any overpayment or credit on the account. The payment amount is calculated based on an average of the actual electrical consumption for the immediate past twelve month period. Budget amounts are recalculated in March of each year. To become eligible, your account must be paid in full (no balance owed).

  • The amount each customer pays per month is dependent upon their latest 12 month history. In the event that the customer does not have a twelve month history at a particular location, the previous tenant’s 12 month history will be used to determine what the current customer will pay each month.
  • In the event that the building is newly constructed, void of a 12 month history, the District shall apply a 12 month history from a similarly situated building as determined by the District until the newly constructed building develops a 12 month history.
  • If the customer fails to keep agreed upon payments twice in a 12 month period while on the budget billing program, they will be notified that they are no longer allowed to participate in the program for one year from the month of notification and bring your entire account(s) current as defined under District policy and state law.

If you have both water and electric service with PUD 1, you will be billed your budgeted amount for the electric and your full monthly amount for the water.

For more information, contact Shiane, PUD 1 Credit & Collections Specialist at (360) 877-5249.