Mason County PUD No. 1 offers Net Metering to customers who wish to generate their own electricity with fuel cells or solar, wind or hydro powered electric systems of 25 kilowatts or less in generating capacity. Once Mason County PUD No. 1 reviews and approves a customer-owned electric generation system, net metering allows a customer to be connected to the utility’s distribution system. Any excess electricity generated by a customer can then be credited to the customer’s next bill at the same rate they are charged for electricity.


Rooftop solar has gained popularity in Washington State, including Mason County. Our solar project manager can provide information to you on what the average system produces in our service territory, as well as helpful tips for navigating the installation process.

Some renewable energy is also available for incentive rebates from the Washington State Department of Revenue. If you are interested in participating in our Net Metering Program, please contact Julie Gray at the PUD office at (360) 877-5249. We are currently in the process of revamping our interconnection agreement and instruction documents to make the process easier for our customers. Documents are posted here.



Community Solar II project is now generating and producing Clean Energy

Our Community Solar II project has been up and running since mid May!  Our Drive-Thru Ribbon Cutting was a success.  To date the Community Solar II project has generated 75055 KWH’s.