Small Works and Consultant Roster & Equipment Vendor List

Small Works Roster and Consultant Roster

Request for Qualifications –

Mason County PUD 1’s small public works roster, vendor roster and consultant roster are hosted by the non-profit Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington in the online MRSC Rosters database. More information can be found at All contractors must be registered with MRSC on the PUD’s small works roster to be eligible.

Registration Process

  1. Visit
  2. Click the “Join MRSC Rosters” button
  3. Create a FREE account and select Mason County PUD No. 1 in your application

If you have registration questions, please contact MRSC Rosters at 206-625-1300 or [email protected]. For questions about specific public works projects, please contact Mason County PUD No. 1. Thank you for your interest in doing business with PUD 1!

2021 Public Works Project Awards

1/26/21   Puget Fence Inc.  $101,773.00    Fence perimeter of PUD campus.

2/23/21   Evergreen Fire & Security  $12,619.87   Install security cameras & troubleshoot cameras

3/09/21   Kemp West   $174,280.00  Vegatation Management (Tree Trimming)

3/26/21   Shelton Floor Covering $4831.79 (McReavy Rd House Carpet)

3/30/21  Stewart Painting LLC   $5495.00 plus tax  McReavy Rd House interior painting

4/13/21  Hanson Excavating $322,858.03 Agate Beach mainline

4/13/21  Puget Sound Hardware $142,766.38 (security locks)

4/13/21 Osmose $45,010   Joint Use Audit

04/27/21 H2O Solutions $4285.75 Reservoir Cleaning