To Report Power Outages call:

(360) 877-5249 or toll-free: (800) 544-4223

BEFORE you call

  • Is your whole house out of power?
  • Have you checked your electrical breakers or fuses?
  • Do you see trees or limbs on power lines?

AFTER you call

  • Turn on porch light, so crews will see it when the power is restored.
  • Be sure at least one light is on, so you know when the power is back on.
  • Be sure all heaters, furnace and electrical appliances are off.

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Downed Power Lines

Please report a fallen power line by calling the PUD at (360) 877-5249 or 911. NEVER touch fallen lines or anything under them. All power lines should be treated with extreme caution. Always assume electric wires are energized. You may assist the PUD by keeping others clear of the fallen lines until the work crews arrive.