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Cost of Service Analysis (COSA)
In 2019, the District completed a COSA and the findings were presented at a spring board meeting. The intent of this analysis is to ensure that the District is accurately capturing the costs to operate the water business through rates, and also to establish one uniformed rate and fee schedule across all 70 water systems. Any changes to rate classifications or consumptive rates will occur in the fall during the annual budget process. Budget hearings are posted on the home page and the “Meetings” page.
Our customer service and water operations departments can assist you with questions regarding rates, fees, and services.
Frequently Asked Questions here: https://mason-pud1.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/water-facts.pdf
2020 Water Rate Calculator  Choose your water system from the drop down menu and enter your average consumption to see your system’s new proposed rate for 2020.