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PUD 1 Systems

PUD 1 owns and manages 40 water systems throughout Mason County. To view an overview map of the systems, visit the Related Documents section. Click on the water system for a map of the service area for that specific system. If there is not a link, the map has not yet been uploaded.

The District currently owns the following water systems

  1. Agate Beach, Group A community
  2. Alderbrook, Group A community
  3. Arcadia Estates, Group A community
  4. Bay East, Group A community
  5. Bayshore, Group A community
  6. Bloomfield Road, Group B
  7. Canal Beach Tracts, Group A transient non-community
  8. Canal Mutual, Group A community
  9. Canyonwood Beach, Group A community
  10. Cherry Park, Group A community
  11. Craig, Group B
  12. Cushman Inc., Group A transient non-community
  13. Enchantment Heights, Group B
  14. Enchantment Ridge #2, Group B
  15. Harstene Retreat, Group A community
  16. Highland Estates, Group A community
  17. Highland Park, Group A community
  18. Holiday View Two, Group B
  19. Hood Canal, Group A community
  20. Hoodsport, Group A community
  21. Island Hide-A-Way,  Group A transient non-community
  22. Lake Arrowhead, Group A community
  23. Lakewood Heights, Group A community
  24. Madrona Beach, Group A transient non-community
  25. Minerva Terrace, Group A community
  26. Mountain View, Group B
  27. Pirates Cove Country Club, Group A community
  28. Ripplewood Tracts, Group A community
  29. Southside, Group B
  30. Tiger Lake Terrace Tracts, Group A community
  31. Twanoh Heights Community Club, Group A community
  32. Twanoh Terrace, Group A community
  33. Union, Group A community
  34. Union Ridge, Group A community
  35. View Ridge Heights, Group A community
  36. Viewcrest Beach, Group A transient non-community
  37. Vuecrest, Group A community
  38. Watson No. 2, Group B

PUD 1 currently manages the following water systems

  1. Ten-Four, Group A
  2. Mary M. Knight School, Group A
  3. Treasure Island, Group A
  4. Emerald Lake, Group A

The District provides the following services for the District-acquired/owned systems

  • Preliminary survey of water system
  • Estimate of capital improvements and O&M expenses
  • Required minimum water quality monitoring
  • Public notification per DOH requirements
  • Routine system maintenance
  • System repairs
  • Monthly source meter reading
  • Monthly service meter readings, if metered
  • Meter installation, if not metered
  • Monthly system inspections
  • Cross Connection Control program
  • Utility locates
  • Operator in Responsible Charge
  • State and County correspondence – WFI, Consumer Confidence Report, Water Use Efficiency, Determination of Water Adequacy, etc.
  • Engineering reports – planning documents, existing system approvals, project reports
  • Sanitary Survey
  • Water rights management
  • Emergency response program
  • Capital improvement funding, permitting, construction management and construction assistance
  • Assistance in the formation of a Local Utility District for capital improvement funding
  • Latecomers agreements setup and management
  • Billing
  • Financial Management
  • Record keeping
  • Transfer of ownership

The District is also taking inquiries for Satellite Management Agency arrangements. In addition to owning our own systems, we can also provide professional management and maintenance of privately owned systems to ensure that the systems are maintained according to Departments of Health and Ecology standards.

For more information on SMA’s, please contact our water department at: waterdept @, or by calling (360) 877-5249.